Individual approach to you

and your wedding

Wedding planning in Lithuania and abroad

Wedding Dream Agency is not only about

wedding planning. 

It's a possibility to make your dream come true

Our services

Wedding planning

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding coordination

Love Story

Dates and engagement options

Floristic and décor

Special textile

Wedding abroad

You are our Client, if:

  • You appreciate time and money;
  • You like honest and clear relationship;
  • You can trust professionals and appreciate the result; 
  • You think that the quality of our services must comply with your expenses;

  • You always get the best offers for the best price;

  • You can dream;

  • You want enjoy your wedding, and not do everything by yourself 

You are not our Client, if:

  • You don't trust us and our team;
  • You want do everything by youself;
  • You have a lot of free time, strenth and knowledge to make no mistakes;
  • You don't like our contract;
  • You are ready to sign the contracts with all executors and keep an eye on its' implementation;
  • You want to plan and control by yourself the whole process of wedding preparations and the wedding day;
  • You know everything and do everything better than any wedding planner

Why we?

  • We create the uniqueness of your Wedding Day;
  • We work upon the quality of our wedding projects, not quantity; 
  • We optimize your budget to get the best result for the best price;
  • We work out and describe in details every moment of wedding preparation;
  • We carry full responsibility for the work of our team (incl. material resp.)
  • We are always available for communication and never confine you to "dry" calls;
  • We guarantee confidentiality and protection of interests of our couples; 
  • We work promptly, and we are ready to implement the project in a short-terms
  • We create comfort conditions for you to work with us whenever you can;
  • We always learn and improve our knowledge to offer our couples only best choice

How we work

Wedding - it's a personalized party, that is why we pay a lot of attention to the details: decor, light, music equipment, textile, floristics, polygraphs, scripts, etc.

Unique textile may turn your Wedding into a real beauty oasis

We can emphasize your personality by perfect monograms on the dancing floor, press-wall or elsewhere

Candy Bar, Fruit Bar or Cheese Bar - it's the tasty and stylish detail of your wedding decor

Wedding florists will create for you perfect compositions, which will bring you only best emotions during all your life (on pictures and videos)

How to know, how will your wedding day look like? For this occasion we will prepare sketches, which we can change and modify, and you may always see the final result

Special wedding furniture will create special atmosphere on your YES-day!


Tel.: + 370 608 25 6 25, +370 683 53 610
Address: Tiltu str. 8, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Contact us for booking the appointment 

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